From selected olive trees of Akhisar region, early harvest, cold pressed “Bitter Green Extra Virgin Olive Oil” has a low acidity, bitter taste and smells like freshly grass. The higher chlorophyll content in green olives make the early hzarvest oil, greener and richer in healthy phenolic compounds . Phenolic compounds are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and also protect the fatty acids of the olive oil from oxidation. Ideal for raw foods, pasta and salad dressings, sautéing.


Export Office

Dr. Mustafa Enver Bey Caddesi No:1/1 Berki Apt. Alsancak – Izmir / Turkey

Tel: +90 232 465 35 00


Akhisar OSB.5.Cadde No:5 Akhisar 45230 Manisa

Tel: +90 236 427 27 47

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